A Heroku like PaaS on your servers.

Deploy unlimited applications using buildpacks to your servers in any cloud.

Simply select a branch or run git push to deploy. No code changes or flaky hacks.

A viable Heroku alternative that works in any cloud.

Coming this spring to a cloud near you.

We support servers from any cloud provider

Why you should consider migrating off Heroku to your own servers

RepoBus is a Heroku-like PaaS that works in any cloud. Simply connect your servers and RepoBus will setup a managed runtime allowing you to deploy applications with the same open source buildpacks you use on Heroku.

Save big on cost, up to 60%.

The prices of hardware continues to drop sharply across many clouds but prices on public PaaS providers remain constant. This disparity in the price of the underlying hardware and the markup cost of the service provided by the PaaS provider is simply untenable.

RepoBus provides you and your team a similar PaaS experience based on buildpacks while slashing your hosting bill by up to 60% as you can freely choose the hardware to run your applications.

Better performance and stability.

Almost all public PaaS providers are simply decorated shared hosting environments. With Heroku, you run your workloads on a VPS shared with other Heroku customers. The overload of containers on the VPS can cause several stability and performance issues from time to time which will typically be only noticed by the purest who watches their deployments deligently.

Moving your workloads to a dedicated VPS or Bare metal node not only saves you money, it also ensures consistent performance and stability. You can count on your application responding timely to end user request when they need it the most.

Run just about anything without any limits.

There are no container restarts unless you do so manually or any any other constraints imposed on your deployment such as connections per dyno limits, request timeouts and many others enforced at Heroku. You have the complete freedom to configure and run your deployments however you see fit.

Also, Heroku works well for things that do not write anything to disk. This however, is not practical for all applications out there. Because with RepoBus you own the server, you can now run applications that can write directly to the local SSD of the bare metal or the mounted volume to the VPS.

Run your applications anywhere securely.

RepoBus supports any server that is reachable on the internet. You are no longer constrained to only the regions supported by Heroku. If your application has strict data placement requirements, you can now have the same flexibility of a PaaS in the the data centers that meets your requirements.

For strict high availability requirements, you could easily distribute your applications across multiple clouds. Never put all your eggs in one basket. If one cloud goes down, your app will still be running.

How it works

Dockerfile deployment + Officially supported Buildpacks

In addition to the officially supported buildpacks and Dockerfile deployment, you can deploy using any open source buildpack.

A Complete platform for devs and businesses.


Pricing is split between platform and support cost, there is no requirement to buy support if you do not need it.

Platform cost

Billing is pro-rated to the second, using a credit based system, you can add and remove servers dynamically.

  • Entry level


    Deploy to a single server of size 1GB RAM.

    Deploy unlimited apps to your server.

    All platform features.

    No scaling supported.

    No alerting supported.

  • Pay as you go

    $15 per server / mo

    Deploy to unlimited servers.

    Deploy unlimited apps.

    Horizontal + vertical scaling (No downtime).

    Load balancers for distributing traffic across instances.


Add team members at $9/user/month. Billing is pro-rated to the second. Billing starts once a user accepts your invite and stops when you remove the user.

  • Pay as you go

    $9 per user / mo

    Activity logging

    Group collaborators into teams using tags

    Role based access control

    Submit an app to other team members for approval to be pushed to other environments.


A support contract is required to raise tickets from the dashboaord. For all other queries, you can use the community forum currently hosted on Github.

Support business hours are 9AM to 8PM EST, Monday to Sunday.

  • Economy


    Ticket support with guaranteed response within 24 hours.

    Typically responds in 12 hours.

    Some coaching on your setup and server tips.

  • Business


    Ticket support with guaranteed response within 8 hours.

    Typically responds in 4 hours.

    App migration to RepoBus support

  • Elite


    Ticket support with guaranteed response within 1 hour.

    Live chats if need be.

    We personally keep an eye on your deployments and set alerts to help us manage it better.